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May 23, 2018

Verin and her group reach the small town of Darein, at the foot of one of the bridges that leads to Tar Valon. The streets are filled with soldiers, we assume this has to do with recent Whitecloak activity in the area. She brings the girls, Mat, and Hurin into the city. Hurin explains that he has no time to waste, he must leave immediately to warn the rulers of Shienar, and in turn the Borderlands, that the true Dragon has been reborn. We spend some time discussing how Aes Sedai constantly skirt around the three oaths, and what constitutes creating a 'weapon'. Verin gives the Horn of Valere to Siuan, tells her that Rand has proclaimed himself the Dragon, and we find that at the moment Rand struck down Ishamael, all other false dragons were in turn struck down by the Pattern itself, both in the same moment. Taim is later rescued from his Aes Sedai captors by Demandred and company. Having heard news of the Seanchan from Verin, Siuan decides to do nothing about them for the moment, having much more pressing issues to attend to than a defeated army on the other side of the continent for, better or for worse. In the after-show we talk about our upcoming Patron episodes the we'll be recording live in the next month, and the amount of time we ALLEDGEDLY spend working on the podcast while at our day jobs.

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