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May 28, 2018

Siuan has kept Nynaeve and Egwene behind; she has a plan, of which she will tell them some – never all. Siuan tells them that the Black Ajah is real, and they've been killing in the Tower itself. She tells them that she intends to make the young women her hounds to hunt these pariahs. She knows of course, that Egwene and Nynaeve will tell Elayne what's happening, and that Elayne will insist in helping them despite what Morgase wants. Siuan also knows that the young women will be an effective tool in disrupting the plans of her enemies. So, she uses their willfulness and curiosity to set them on a course she's chosen for them. It works. Even after Siuan is deposed and stilled, her hounds will be out in the world, hunting. When they return, Siuan will place them in positions of power, to do what she could not; unite the Tower against the Dark One in a last battle, and save the world from obliteration. 

Pizza, Beer, and movies in the after-show.

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