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Jul 14, 2018

Anaiya pays Mat a visit in his sick room. She knows he's been stockpiling food, that he now has a weapon, and plans to escape. What she doesn't know, is that he'll actually get away with it. Mat needs to make some quick cash to pay his fair on a boat leaving Tar Valon. He ends up playing dice all night, and never loses once. We talk about Mat's luck, his Ta'veren abilities, and how his Talents are enhanced in various ways through out the series. With his pockets stuffed with gold, and drunk on winning, Mat wanders out into the night. He's being followed by assassins, manages to escape, and runs right into a grayman who is also hunting him. In a desperate move, Mat throws himself and the grayman off a bridge. It's only his luck that saves his life. The grayman hits the paving stones and stabs itself on impact. Mat lands on top of him. How providential.

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