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Jul 18, 2018

A dock master tries to stop Mat and Thom from boarding a ship leaving Tar Valon, but as it happens, Mat has the 'permission' from the Amyrlin Seat herself. It's an action packed scene, for sure. The ship's captain believes Mat is a young lord in disguise, and prattles on trying to get information out him. Mat of course, doesn't have any to give. Although, the captain does give the two men some information about a new High Lord of Tear. We know this new lord is Be'lal, and he's been compelling the people of Tear through their dreams and more directly, to hate Aes Sedai and support their new lord. While the two are going to sleep, a group of darkfriends take over the ship, and attempt to assassinate Mat. He and Thom send them to their Lord save one who escapes. We'll see him again.

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