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Jul 22, 2018

Wheel of Time Spoilers Episode 132 – TDR – Ch33 Within the Weave

Perrin is tracking Rand with Moiraine and their party. He smells sulfur, and sees the tracks of the darkhounds that have been following Rand. Although, he doesn't yet know enough to understand what he's looking at. How does Rand continue to outpace Moiraine and her group, even without a horse? He's easy enough to track, for several reasons, but they just can't catch up to him. Perrin and Moiraine have an interesting conversation about the nature of good, evil, and the Pattern of Ages. The party enters a town called Remen, where Gaul has been captured and hung in a cage. Min told him that this was one of her viewings. Perrin knows this is an important moment. When the party gets their rooms for the night, a young woman is there who seems very curious about Perrin. The Falcon, another viewing.

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