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Aug 1, 2018

Perrin is on a river ship bound for Illian, feeling grateful that for once there are no wolves in his mind. There is no real escape for him, though. When he falls asleep, Hopper is there with him in the World of Dreams. Hopper has taken him somewhere, to show him an important event. It's a meeting, Ishmael has assembled a handful of his Darkfriends, to make an example of one for allowing Mat to escape Tar Valon, and to remind the rest; the three Ta'veren must die, and the three hunters must be captured and turned. The Darkfriends are dismissed, the Dreamshard shifts, and we see Lanfear and Ishmael confronting each other. Perrin now knows Selene is Lanfear, and how much time Ishmael has had to prepare for the Last Battle. Another shift, and Perrin sees Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod being tortured by nightmares sent by...someone. Rand doesn't believe that this is the real Perrin, and tries to kill him. Perrin wakes in time to save his own life. When he seeks Moiraine's help, she is able to tell him little more than that he is a Dreamer, and that is part of being a Wolfbrother.

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