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Sep 10, 2018

As Perrin arrives in Tear with Moiraine, Lan, and Loial, we get a detailed and thoughtful of description of the scents of the city from his perspective. City smells, and the scents of fish, and the spice trade. As the small party travels through the city, Perrin can also sense a general feeling of unease from the citizens of Tear, and from Moiraine, and Loial in particular. Be'lal has a tight grasp on the minds and Dreams of the people of Tear. The Darkness is palpable. As luck would have it, Perrin finds a personal meditative refuge from all the nightmares and fear, in a blacksmith's shop near where they're staying. After a day of hard work, the craftsman gives Perrin a gift for his efforts, a long handled hammer, in hopes to keep the young man in the trade; that he'll always remember it. This is an undeniably symbolic conversation that gives us tons of insight into Perrin's character.  Moiraine prompts Loial to teach us a bit about Be'lal, and abruptly informs the party that the Forsaken is active in the city, and she's going to assassinate him.

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