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Sep 14, 2018

Captain Lopar has no relation to the bizarre Seanchan beasts, it's just a coincidence. Thom is so sick, that Mat drags him to a Wisdom or, a Wise Woman in Tear. Mat notice's the Wise Woman's accent is the same as Suian Sanche's.  We spend a little time discussing the culture of the, 'Maule' one of the poorest districts in the city of Tear.  We have get lot of insight from Suian's stories which are scattered throughout the books. Mother Guenna puts Thom in a headlock after forcing medicine down his throat, conveniently freeing Mat to start scouting the Stone for a way to break in without any meddling from the older, wiser man, for better or worse.  Not to mention, the Mother Guenna is one of the few people in Tear who knows where Mat's friends are. All he has to do now, is break them out.

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