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Nov 5, 2018

Mat is playing cards with the sons of the High Lords of Tear. Later with the exception of one who dies, these men will be commanders in the Band of the Red Hand, underneath it's general, Matrim Cauthon. Mat tells the men the story of how he discovered a new game, Maiden's Kiss. Outside in the darkness, a cock crows and Mat's hand, the highest card in each suit, kings and queens, come to life and attack him. Time slows down for the Ta'veren and Mat pins each of the cards to the wooden walls of the room with thrown knives, much like how Perrin pins his ax to a wooden door. MUCH later in the series there is a bubble of evil event in Salidar, that requires dirt to be thrown at objects that have come to life in order to un-animate them. We believe this bubble follows the same rules.

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