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Nov 12, 2018

Perrin and Faile move quickly through the corridors of the Stone. The Tairen High Lords avoid the Dragon and his retinue. The first section of this chapter really highlights the growing tension between the two groups in the Stone. Rand's Aiel guards try to discourage Perrin from bothering Rand, but even Bain's spear point directed at his neck doesn't deter him. We'll spend some time discussing the vast cultural canyon that separates the Aiel from the Rand-landers. Upon entering Perrin witnesses the aftermath of Rand's bubble of evil. There is blood and shattered glass everywhere, and the Dragon is still bleeding all over himself. Although, now he is only quietly sitting. Perrin shouts to the Maidens to send a runner for Moiraine and her healing. Moiraine arrives 'like an icy silken avalanche', heals Rand, and prompts the boys for the story of what happened. She explains her theory of bubbles of evil, and this explanation is where we get the phrase used to describe this phenomena for the rest of the series.

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