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Nov 15, 2018

A Gleeman's Strings, The strings which tie Thom and Mat to the Dragon, and just for good measure, Thom is playing the games of houses like a fiddle for them both. When Mat arrives at his door, Thom is just finishing up a forged letter. His intent is to create a rift between Rand's detractors. This plot eventually leads to one of the Dragons enemies killing another in a 'hunting accident'. We spend some time talking about Thoms strategies in the Great Game, and how he is subtely manipulating the powerful people that surround the Dragon, keeping them at each other's throats so they have no time to conspire against Rand. We believe Thom was also instrumental in Morgase's rise to power. Thom advises Mat, pushing him ever in the right direction. Toward Rand, and his own and their shared destiny.

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