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Nov 23, 2018

After Egwene leaves Elayne and Rand alone, the daughter heir makes her feelings clear him, and guides him through the budding romance. Who's the Shepherd now, sheepherder? Elayne knows that there are other women who are interested in Rand, and she tells him so while urging him to remember her, although there paths will soon split. Rand to the Waste, and Elayne chasing the Black to Tanchico. After the first of their many make-out sessions, Gaul enters the room to warn Rand that a groiup of Tairen High Lords are waiting outside to negotiate some of the Dragon's new legislation. After Elayne leaves him to it, and Rand finds the Lords' protests disgust him, he threatens to hang two of them a day until his orders are carried out, meaning full well to carry out those threats, and we leave him contemplating what sort of man he has become.

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