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Nov 28, 2018

Check Out The Empathetic Sketchbook

Our friend Daniel Greene joins us again to discuss The battle for the Stone. After a Grayman makes an attempt on Rand's life while he's mid-conversation with Lanfear, he throws open the door to his apartments to find that the entire stone is under attack from Shadowspawn. Rand wades out into the madness, now unafraid of the Shadowspawn, and begins rallying defenders, Aiel, and whoever he can to defend the women and children who live in the Stone.  Robert Jordan gives us a beautiful and unrelentingly brutal depiction of the battle that we will discuss line by line. Sammael sent the half dozen graymen to assassinate Rand, and the first wave of Trollocs and Myrdraal, Semirhage sent the SECOND wave of Trollocs and Myrdraal to kill the first, but once Rand comes to his senses enough to pick up Callandor, The Dragon kills them ALL. In a moment of fear, panic, and emotional distress, after creating a kind of sentient lighting which hunts all the Shadowspawn in the area into extinction, Rand attempts to save the life of a child who is lying dead in front of him. He makes her stand, restarts her heart, and makes her lungs start breathing again, all while Moiraine screams at him. Death cannot be healed, for the love of the light, not this Rand, not this...

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