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Dec 7, 2018

Mat sits in an ale house, drinking and relieving the last few hours of his life. The Battle in the Stone; Mat's life was saved by a horde of Trollocs, we'll read his flashback to you. We'll spend a little time talking about Manetheran, and how the Pattern itself has picked the perfect people to save the world from the touch of the Dark One. While brooding to himself, Mat overhears a group of men talking about the Two Rivers. They're merchants, and a few are concerned that there will be no fine Two Rivers tabac to sell next year, because there is a large group of Whitecloaks occupying that region. We all know what happens when the Whitecloaks come to town. Mat returns to the Stone to inform his friends of this news, but when he finds Perrin, the Blacksmith is already packing his things. Their paths are laid out for them, Mat's leads to the Waste, intertwined with Rand's. Perrin's though, leads home.  Plans are already in the works for next year's WotSpoiler's meet-up.

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