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Dec 11, 2018

While Perrin is laying to sleep, and unexpected visitor walks into his room. We think her intent is exactly what she says, to have Perrin pass a message to Rand. The first of Mayene will be leaving Tear, and Berelain is afraid to approach Rand alone. Perrin's resistance at being used as a messenger boy is what makes Berelain initially re-think that intent. When Faile enters and finds them together, she ignores the presence of another woman, she'll deal with that later. Perrin tells Faile that he'll be traveling back to the Two Rivers without her, but she's having none of that. After dramatically confronting Berelain in the hall outside Perrin's rooms only to be interrupted by Dad (Rhuarc) who breaks up the fight, Faile heads to Loial's apartments, to undermine Perrin's travel plans.

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