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Jan 4, 2019

Rand leads his odd procession of Aiel and Aes Sedai through the streets of Tear, to a Portal Stone just outside of the city. Aviendha is among the scouts Rand sends out looking for the ancient artifact, she's the one who finds it, it's one of their very fist interactions despite being in the Stone together. Using the Portal Stone is a gamble, and Rand is hoping that his own power enhanced by the Siddhartha angreal will be enough to take his large part to Rhuidean. We'll also get a quick run down of Aiel politics and blood-fueds from Rhuarc. A little foreshadowing on the tense politics Rand will have to navigate.  Moiraine does not interfere with Rand's use of the Portal Stone.  She's almost certain he'll be successful, we'll tell you how she knows.  

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