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Jan 7, 2019

Rand has managed to successfully transport his party from a Portal Stone in Tear to one just outside Rhuidean. This was the limit of his power at the time; Moiraine seems to think that he nearly killed himself in the attempt, but she also knows that the Aiel Wise Ones prophesied his safe arrival at the city. That same group of Wise Ones greets Rand and his party, they've been waiting for him. We'll get deep into Aiel politics, culture, and customs in this one as we disccuss the relationship between Rhuarc and Couladin, the Shaido and their rival clans, what blood fueds are, the role of Wise Ones in this society, and MUCH more. Rand, and as an odd twist of chance Mat as well, are granted permission to enter Rhuidean. After a small ceremony the two young men are sent into the ancient city. As Aviendha, and later Moiraine are sent to Rhuidean to go through the three ringed Ter'angreal there, Egwene eagerly awaits the beginning of her lessons on Tel'aran'rhiod. She is, unsurprisingly the most ambitious of the group, and constantly being shushed and told to wait her turn by the Wise Ones.

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