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Jan 10, 2019

Rand and Mat make their way into the ancient abandoned city. The boys are thirsty after walking through the desert all morning, which leads Rand to discover that with the Power, he can make the long forgotten fountains of Rhuidean produce water again. We believe Rand has been going mad for BOOKS now, using Callandor can only have accelerated the process, and there is a little more evidence in this chapter of Rand's warped perception of reality. The two take a relaxing break underneath the branches of Avendesora before Rand enters the crystal columns. While waiting for him to return, Mat spots the sister of the red-stone doorway Ter'angreal and decides to address what he sees as unfinished business with 'those snake people'. He is surprised when he enters to find a different race of fox faced people waiting on the other side. These people won't answer any of his questions, and in a hilarious quickly escalating misunderstanding, Mat starts shouting at fox people, and winds up getting everything he asks for.

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