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Jan 18, 2019

Our friends Bambi and Nic join us again to help us explain the sequence of ancestral visions Rand experiences after entering the crystal columns Ter'angreal in Rhuidean. As we continue to explore the growing rift in Aiel society and their governing philosophy, we'll spend some time debating whether the new “tent dwelling” spear wielding Aiel warriors destroyed their counter-parts, the Jenn Aiel, OR perhaps these new dangerous warriors actually preserved the Jenn for longer than they could have survived in the incredibly dangerous post-Breaking world. The extremely pacifistic Jenn undoubtedly benefited to be surrounded and protected by their warrior counterparts. However, the spear wielding Aiel simultaneously contributed to the destruction of Jenn Aiel culture by gradually accepting converts, until eventually there were no (or perhaps only one) Jenn Aiel or True Dedicated left. There's so much in these episodes! Including the emergence of the Aiel's Short Spear, the first Maiden of the Spear (a grieving mother bent on revenge), the origins of the Shoufa and black veil, the construction of Rhuidean, the genesis of the Tuatha'an, and more.

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