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Feb 14, 2019

Lord Luc aka Slayer seems nervous when he meets Verin. Is it because she asks poignant questions, or because she knows who he really is? Slayer is such a complex and poorly understood character, that during this episode we decide on the spot that our next Patron only episode will be a character profile on Luc/Isam. We'll let you know when we're recording and releasing it, look out for that! As Perrin travels toward the Whitecloak camp near Watch Hill he stops at each farmstead they see, to warn each group that people will be gathering in Emond's Field for self defense. Each group of villagers takes his advice, and begins packing their things. When the small party reaches the camp, Perrin decides it's time to take the Emond's Fielders out of captivity and return them to their homes. In an action packed sequence Perrin begins to become the leader and hero that these forgotten back-country folk need.

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