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Feb 19, 2019

Rand and Mat return to the Aiel camp, and are greeted by the thrown spears of a small group of Shaido led by Couladin, although the gathered Wise Ones quickly put a stop to hostilities. Rand presents his dragon tattoos to the large group of Aiel who have assembled outside of Rhuidean. When they see that he is indeed marked as the Car'a'carn, they simply file out quietly. It's no surprise to us though, that the Aiel men and women assembled here are not exactly excited to see the harbinger of the end of the world as they know it. They know the Dragon will break the Aiel, and the world itself. AGAIN. Aviendha returns from Rhuidean as well. We believe that after having seen her future she feels like a trapped animal in a cage, and her anger and hatred are all focused on Rand al'Thor.  Moiraine returns having learned mysterious facts about her own future as well. 

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