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Mar 8, 2019

Egeanin receives a bag from our old friend Floran Gelb (Captain Domon's boat hand who Rand kicked in the face in EOTW). It contains one of the A'dam that was lost during the initial Seanchan invasion. He is helping her look for many things... Jaichim Carridin is making a deal to place Amathera as the new Panarch of Tanchico in hopes that his plans will stem the flow of deaths in his family. He knows he will be the last to die when the Shadow runs out of relatives to kill. Running into Liandrin entangles him in the Black Ajah's plots, exasperates his problems, and essentially seals his fate. The Shadow has discovered the location of the Domination Band, but the Super Girls are hot on their trail. Later we see a conversation between Egeanin and a Seanchan Seeker in the service of the High Lady Suroth. He does not discover the captive Sul'dam she has been hiding in her basement – a many faceted problem. Tune in while we break down these intricate plots.

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