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May 11, 2019

Staying in Cold Rocks Hold, Rand has the opportunity to observe the Aiel as a people, rather than a group of warriors. While trying to investigate more, Rand asks to enter the Spear Maiden's head quarters. They think this is quite funny, shower him with gifts, and serve him tea in a long winded ritual outside in the court yard.  He's never allowed to enter. When Rand mentions to Adelin that he would like to trade for her pretty bracelet, Adelin realizes the gift is for Aviendha, assumes Rand wants to court her, and without realizing what's happening, a legion of Maidens have already agreed to help him woo her. Rands gift to Aviendha means something that he's not aware of. Lanfear visits Rand's dreams at the end of this chapter and... Consent is key, kids.  Don't be like Lanfear.

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