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Jul 23, 2019

Lews Therin's mind and thoughts are beginning to slip into Rand's. Why and how that works are a matter of debate in the fan community. We'll tell you our theories, so you should feel free to send us yours! Moiraine has collected a number of items of the power and had them loaded onto wagons, but she takes special interest in the precise placement red stone doorway. She already knows about her showdown with Lanfear. She knows how to take her out, and knows she needs everything placed perfectly. Her rising anxiety, noted by everyone in the next few chapters, is all explained when one realizes that she may not know WHEN only HOW she can remove the Daughter of the Night from the picture. Spoiler: She's right, it works, and she knows her chances of survival are next to nothing. As the Aiel clans assemble, we watch the Chiefs discuss the warriors who have run away rather than face the truth of their heritage. This phenomenon does not yet have a name.

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