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Oct 7, 2019

Does Elayne deserve to be mocked so thoroughly by Nynaeve? They probably both do, considering how stubborn and headstrong all three of the super girls are. While they're bickering, their coach is suddenly stopped by Valan Luca, the owner of a traveling managerie. They spot Luca's “giant boar horses” immediatley. They've both seen S'redit before, and know that they're Seanchan animals. Luca offers to put on a show for the “Lady Morellin” for “a pittance”, but the young women are in a hurry and, wanting to reach the next town before nightfall. Elayne tells Nynaeve to give the man some money before they continue on. Of course the ever thrifty Nynaeve gives the man a single silver penny. Although they don't know it yet, she's just insulted an ally she'll need later on.

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