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Jan 3, 2020

Elayne demonstrates her proficiency at cooking in the managerie's camp; a fun idiosyncrasy about her we rarely, if ever again see demonstrated, and sends Nynaeve off to bed with the twisted stone ring Ter'angreal. Once in Tel'aran'rhiod Birgitte informs her that she's managed to track down Moghedien in the Dream. Birgitte takes Nynaeve to the location and while behind the Dreamer's equivalent of a hunting blind, the two women watch Moghedien spy on a meeting between Graendal, Lanfear, Rahvin, and Sammael. This group of Chosen is discussing their plot to bait Rand into attacking Sammael where he'll be ambushed by the other three. This explains the Illianer daggers found on Assasin's near Rand. Birgitte pulls both of them away to discuss what they've seen, but when they arrive at their original meeting place, they find Moghedien has tracked them there. She destroys Birgitte's bond to the Dream ripping her into the real world, but not before a silver arrow pierces Moghedien's chest. Both are able to retreat and be healed, albeit in very different ways.


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