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Jan 25, 2020

Nynaeve allows the old Shienaran veteran, Uno to lead her into Samara. They walk through a warren of abandoned buildings and alleyways, to where The Prophet of The Dragon is holding peculiar kind of court. Nynaeve witnesses the Prophet Masema accept a “donation” from Alliandre, the current queen of Ghealdan, which consists of all the jewelry she happens to be wearing. The Prophet himself seems filled with a fanaticism bordering on madness. We believe he's been compelled with the intent of creating havoc in the name of the Dragon. Despite the air of fanaticism bordering on delusional mania, when Masema is informed that Nynaeve was the Lord Dragon's childhood baby-sitter, he agrees to use his resources to find her a boat headed toward Tear where she might be reunited with the Dragon. Her true intent though, is not to be reunited with Rand, but with the Rebel Tower in Salidar.

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