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Jul 24, 2020

It’s a Forsaken Festival! Three separate Forsaken POVs give us an unprecedented view into their plots.

Sammael meets with Graendal and argue about politics and the nature of reality amidst the depths of depravity. Classy.

This is the chapter in which we learn the overwhelming majority of what we know about Shara! We also learn more about Graendal’s history before turning to the Shadow. Her newest additions to her collection of pretties are causing chaos in Arad Domon, all the better of a smokescreen to hide herself in at Natron’s Barrow. She tells him exactly what she’s doing, and where Demandred is, but Sammael only thinks with his sword and doesn’t believe her.

Semirhage tortures Cabriana Mecandes for information to pass along to the newly reborn Arangar. She also ponders Shaidar Haran, and so do we. This is a chapter which has in particular been referenced many times by this podcast (and the rest of the fandom) for its infodump about Fades in general and The Hand Of The Dark in particular.

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