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Jul 31, 2020

Excitement about the WoT TV show has led to massive growth in the fandom and listenership, to the delight of all of us who have been enjoying the series alone for years.

Who would watch The Odd Couple remade with Birgitte and Moghedien? Is growing flowers with the Power is a waste of energy? In how many ways is the royal house of Andor needed for the Last Battle, and how many times does Elida misinterpret her own foretellings? What exactly is a silverpike?

This chapter really shows us the challenges of long-distance communication bottlenecks; even as the Salidar Aes Sedai learn how to use the Unseen World to communicate they still don’t think in terms of email. It also offers up so many juicy details that we really think the term “the Slog” needs to be reclaimed as a point of celebration rather than a drag.

The Salidar Six behave like foolish children in the face of a monstrous nightmare, but fortunately Elayne and Suian are there to rescue them.

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