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Sep 7, 2020

Seth and Aradia watch as Verin and Alanna deal with the fallout of Alanna’s impulsive non-consensual bonding, and contemplate if the tradeoffs that she forced on Rand justify her actions. We get a rare and information-rich Verin POV, including a rare instance of Verin being wrong about something! 

Aradia grumbles about the trope of people fainting from fear, and Seth gets schooled by a Discordian on the actual effects of wearing corsets. The mechanics of ta’veren sperm are discussed at length, and we decide that the word “ward” is used far too freely in this series.  

Rand visits the farm that will one day become the Black Tower, and observes the first classes being held with some of the most important future asha’man of the series. We admire Taim’s long-term plans getting underway, and give thanks that Logain also has a long story to tell. 

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