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Sep 10, 2020

Seth and Travis wait anxiously with Nyneave and Elayne in Salidar, as the little Hall stalls for time with the Tower emissary, as they wait for “the biddable child” to arrive. Travis points out that if you cut a hole in a net, you have fewer holes in the net. Thanks, we hate it.

The Spider crawls inside Nyneave’s head and disturbs her equilibrium. Even if she is a captured coward, she is still a clever and crafty Forsaken. Nyneave berates herself for being afraid while taking stupidly brave actions, like the lovable hypocrite she is. 

Nyneave and Elayne’s experience with authority in Salidar is like moving back in with your parents after being in college. They know what they need to do, and the Aes Sedai have some serious soul-searching to do with respect to how they feel about the Dragon Reborn before they will earn the Super-girls’ respect.

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