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Sep 16, 2020

Blood and bloody buttered onions, SpoilerCon is really soon! Check out the schedule at This episode was published on the 13th anniversary of Robert Jordan’s death, and we appreciate that he wrote never-ending fractals of details into his world-building. That’s part of why we keep coming back for more and more rereads! 

Theodrin and Nyneave have fun with a bucket of water. Your hosts conclude that chronic stress is bad for you, whether it is the anger that Nyneave cultivates to channel or living under the smoke choking the Pacific Northwest. 

Elayne really wants to unite the Aes Sedai behind Rand, and constructs what would be a brilliant plan to achieve that end, if only she had more complete information to work with. Creative uses of the World of Dreams lead to several tantalizing plot opportunities in Tar Valon and Ebu Dar.

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