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Sep 29, 2020

The episode starts with puns, be warned. Piles of hints dig into our brains, while Egwene ignores most of what is going on in hers. The Pattern is headdesking so much with all of these prophecy dreams that our characters don’t take seriously. Aradia annotates the book, but has no idea where any of the WoT rivers are.

We awkwardly discuss the mechanics of dream romance and the importance of Gawyn as a plot device that deserves more than just our hate. Egwene has the same oddly dual prophetic dream as Min, causing us to contemplate the many branching paths made possible in that moment. Lots of other clues are scattered throughout her dreams, even the paranoid ones.

Egwene suffers from headaches for almost as much of this series as Rand suffers from his various burns and stab wounds. Chronic pain is an under-appreciated drag on our characters, and by extension in our society. Leanne’s method of managing her network of spies leads us to a discussion about toxic masculinity and the value of touch to someone who might go for years without a hug. Elayne, Nyneave, and Suian are all grouchy in the aftermath of a bubble of evil.  


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