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Jan 15, 2021

Mat offers many possibilities to Egwene, and also surprises. They patronize each other like siblings, while Nyneave resorts to violence to make her point. Elayne focuses on the bigger picture. Sheriam gets easily misled. Aradia and Seth debate how the mental trick of ignoring temperature extremes works in the books, and in real life.

SpoilerCon announcement: Talyre, our epic M’Hael, has decided to step down as committee chair, and Aradia is stepping in this year. We will have a few vacancies on the planning committee and are looking for new members to bring a new perspective to our planning. We’d love to fill with some of you! 

The available roles are:

  • Tech Coordinator: Attend Con planning meetings, consult on technical needs to effectively deliver the Con, and ensure that all digital content and communications work smoothly during the Con.
  • At-large committee member: Attend Con planning meetings, step into tasks as needed during the year, be able to be an understudy for some of the roles if needed before and during the Con; plus being on-call during the Con to help out.

An ideal applicant to a role will have:

  • A solid grasp of the needed communication technology (Discord, video/audio) for the role 
  • Experience using Google apps (Drive, Calendar, Mail, etc) to collaborate (or the willingness to quickly learn)
  • Ability to participate in monthly virtual meetings during the planning process, and more regularly in the final month
  • A commitment to attend Spoilercon 2021 in person (or if moved online, virtually) and help out during the event
  • Comfort with working as part of a team, including reliably completing assigned tasks, communicating any issues or concerns, and delegating responsibilities (to a deputy, the chair, or another committee member) as needed
  • Some kind of experience or expertise relevant to the role
  • An enthusiasm for Spoilercon and the desire and commitment to make it a success

Send an application to by February 11th and include:

  1. What role(s) you’d like to apply for 
  2. Why you want to be considered for the role(s)
  3. What skills and/or experience you have that make you well suited to the role(s)
  4. Confirm that you have the time, commitment, and technology (e.g. reliable internet access) to be on the committee throughout 2021 and to attend SpoilerCon
  5. What are your most and least favorite parts of working on a team?


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