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Oct 4, 2017

Our friend John-Michael joins us again for episode 37.  While Perrin and Egwene have a moment to consider an offer from Child Byar and contemplate their mortality, Lan and Nynaeve have already stolen their way into the Whitecloak's camp to break them free.  Nynaeve rescues Bela and shoots first, signaling Moiraine to create the larger distraction.  Lan demonstrates how Whitecloaks fair in a fight against warder.  Without even drawing his sword he frees the Emond's Fielders, and they make their way back to Moiraine. We discuss the wolf brother Talent a bit more, what Lan know's about it, and his relationship with Elias.  We touch more on Ta'veren, the Pattern, and the Lace of Ages.  

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