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Sep 17, 2021

We are joined today by Jason Denzel of Dragonmount again, because we talked for so long that the chapter had to be split into two parts.

Illian gets a terrifying lightshow to accompany the thunder of an invading army pouring through giant gateways. The Saldaeans take the city without much fanfare, while Rand and Sammael get into a duel that wrecks the king’s and council’s palaces before taking their fight to Shadar Logoth instead. Trollocs and Myrddraal are sneaking about fearfully, Liah reappears briefly, and Rand falls through a floor. Before he can die an inglorious death in a lost basement, a mysterious wanderer (aka Moridin) arrives to save him, and they end up crossing balefire streams when Mashadar shows up. Rand makes a final attempt to kill Sammael but has to kill Liah instead, letting Mashadar take out Sammael in a way that we find generally unsatisfying. Rand returns to Illian and is presented with the Laurel Crown/Crown of Swords.

Jason Denzel is the founder of and author of The Mystic Trilogy 

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