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Feb 23, 2018

We open with Loial trying to understand how Dena was able to beat him at dice so easily. Rand and Loial are attacked by Trollocs in the streets of the fore-gate. Rand kills one with is sword, and Loial kills another with his bare hands. Selene shows up out of nowhere, as usual, just as Rand and Loial are being chased to the edge of the city. Chased in the direction...of the Illuminator's compound. There is an inexplicably unlocked door that the party finds. Only one unbarred door, and it's the door Lanfear finds. How providential. What are Lanfear's motivations? Aludra is there, so close to the Dragon, and her fate is sealed from the moment Rand uses her night-flowers to effortlessly vaporize a small group of trollocs. Lanfear disappears as Rand and Loial make their escape from the compound. We chat about the mechanics of traveling with the One Power, and what it looks like. When they return to their inn, Selene has already left a note for Rand. What happens if the wrong person blows the Horn of Valere, would the pattern even allow it? In the after-show we talk about our Merch which is coming soon.

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