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Mar 19, 2018

While Rand is flickering through hundreds of parallel universes, Egwene is studying in the White Tower. She learns about Saidar's drug-like addictive qualities, and feels rightfully afraid, but simultaneously compelled to continue channeling. She's made friends with Elayne the daughter-heir of Andor, and Min the only Doomseer currently alive. They talk about the ongoing wars in Tear, Saldea, Toman Head, Ghealdan, and a succession war that was just kicked off in Cairhien. Egwene's prophetic dreams about Rand have stopped, because he's no longer in the same universe as her. Nynaeve is learning that her temper is connected her channeling, and that she's far more powerful than most living Aes Sedai when she's angry. Min sees danger in the group's future. The danger of course, is Liandrin, who enters the tiny novice's room shortly afterward. She has arrived there under orders from Ishamael. She's to separate Nynaeve and Egwene from the Dragon Reborn. Ishamael and the Black Ajah understand that these women will be critical to facilitate the success of the light at the last battle. Without Nynaeve Saidin will remain tainted, without Egwene the White Tower will remain broken, not to mention the damage they ultimately do to the Black Ajah and the Forsaken. With out them, even if the Last Battle is won, the world has no future. Nynaeve is suspicious of Liandrin's story, and asks all the right questions. Liandrin doesn't answer any of them, and deftly deflects their attention by reminding them that the boys from Emond's Field need their help. We analyze everything she says, and ultimately come to the conclusion that Liandrin does not lie here, despite her ability to do so. The four young ladies eventually agree among themselves to go where Liandrin leads them, and not to tell anyone else where they're going.

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