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Mar 24, 2018

Egwene, Min, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Liandrin emerge from the Waygate at Toman Head. They're greeted by over fifty soldiers, including Sul'dam and Damane. A trap springs, Min stabs a soldier that grabs Elayne. Egwene is collared but turns and punches the Sul'dam in the face, making us proud. Nynaeve, in her anger, knocks over a large group of soldiers with a mighty wind. Several of the soldiers that pursue her and Elayne through the forest don't come back alive. Don't mess with Nynaeve, folks. Egwene's torture and training begins immediately, but so does Nynaeve's scheming. This trap was laid by Ishamael through Liandrin and Suroth. Nynaeve and Egwene are too important to Rand to be allowed to stay near him. Without Nynaeve Saidin doesn't get cleansed, Without Egwene the White Tower remains fractured, not to mention the new weaves they will invent and how many Forsaken and Black Ajah they neutralize. We spend some time talking about the Seanchan, the history of the A'dam, and the development of warfare in general on Seanchan continent. Although the experience and training leaves Egwene scarred forever, she learns a great deal, and is a much more powerful and dangerous channeler afterward. Fire to form the iron that she will become.

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