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Mar 26, 2018

Rand and his party arrive at Toman Head. We talk about the pronunciations of different cities and how we originally got most of them wrong. We bet you can relate. Captain Domon, is neither Damane, nor Domani, but they all have the same sound. Lots of these pronunciations are tricky, so we try to stick with the audio book versions. The weather is terrible and the boys ask Verin to do something about it. She refuses, we talk a bit about why. Sometimes it seems like Rand is already going insane, we talk about how s madness creeps. It's likely intentionally vague. The party continues to search for Fain and the Horn. Hurin finds the trail. Rand is visited by Ishamael in his dreams – A dreamshard created by Ishmael that is. He tries channeling to get rid of the man that haunts his dreams. This is definitely a 'Stretching' moment – something we've talked about in lots of episodes. As a channeler learns and grows, the harder they push themselves, and the closer to their breaking point, the faster they reach their final, full potential. Egwene and Rand have this forced upon them quite a bit. They're bound to the Wheel, and must reach their potential on time.

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