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Mar 30, 2018

The five that Verin helps to choose ride forth toward Toman Head. She makes sure that the men she sends fit the prophecies that must be fulfilled. Ingtar, Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Hurin see many scenes of the destruction and death left behind by the Seanchan's Conquest of the area, its enslavement of female channelers, and the Whitecloak campaign in the countryside that follows afterward. This group of Seanchan call themselves the 'Forerunners'. This is only the prep work for the true invasion. Hurin of course, leads the effort to track what has become of the Horn of Valere, and Mat's ruby-hilted dagger. One thousand Whitecloaks, Rand's group of threads, and the Seanchan forerunners all converge at this place at this time. We talk about the compulsion Byar is likely afflicted with at various points in the series, and the fate of this group of Whitecloaks, and Perrin's important antagonist relationship with this group of fanatics. Five ride forth toward Toman Head, but only four will return. You folks getting excited for Ingtar's confession and martyrdom?

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