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Apr 3, 2018

This is the chapter where Rand becomes a true Blademaster. He defeats not only High Lord Turok who carries a heron marked sword, but also Ishamael in single combat in a later chapter. One immediately after the other. Nynaeve, Min, and Elayne have their plan in place to rescue Egwene from the Damane kennels. Nynaeve releases a Damane from her collar, who promptly punches the Sul'dam, Seta, in the face and flees, leading us to believe she's probably Seafolk based on the description here. This is where we learn that a Sul'dam can be collared, and we spend some time discussing how the Seanchan testing works.

When Ingtar finds out that Mat can sense the dagger inside Turok's palace he, in a crazed state, charges over a wall. The rest of the boys follow shortly behind. Mat finds both the horn and dagger right away, luckily, because there is an ambush laying in wait for them led by Turok himself. When the others scatter to attack the guards, we see what Mats dagger can do to man. It's horrifying. Rand is left to face the High Lord alone, and kills his first Blademaster. We believe Rand is able to defeat TWO Blademasters despite his relatively short amount of training with the sword for several reasons, listen and find out. This dark chapter ends with a healthy dose of ritualistic suicide, and the Seanchan armies marshaling in the streets.

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