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Apr 5, 2018

Today's special Episode, as well as episode 96 will be hosted by by two of our awesome Patrons Aradia and Kelsey. Patrick and Seth take a step back and hang out in the chat channel and listen live for a change. When our Patrons ask we like to deliver. Whether they'd like to be on the show, or just have us talk about certain subjects.

When Nynaeve charges into Egwene's rooms to save her, she immediately mentions her love interests. She feels like she's living a dream, and can't believe what's happening. We talk about her shifting interests and how that ultimately affects some important outcomes in the series. We discuss Egwene as a war time Amyrlin, and debate a bit about whether or she would be a decent leader in a post war world with special consideration toward Egwene's impulse to torture and kill Seta in this scene. Luckily, Nynaeve reigns her in with some wisdom on the concept of justice. A bit on the culling of channelers, and how that affects the various cultures in the Wheel of Time universe. Is Bela the real hero, simply rubbing off on the 'main' characters?

Ingtar explains to Rand that he's a Darkfriend. He's been under compulsion, but he sees an opportunity to redeem himself when he realizes he can sacrifice himself to save the party having learned what his fate would other wise be from the Portal Stone accident. Rand does not tell anyone else, and let's him die with everyone believing he martyred himself for the cause. This allows Rand's party to escape. Death is lighter than a feather, and the ever victorious army can not always be so.

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