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Apr 11, 2018

In the aftermath of the battle for Falme, Min wanders through the streets feeling herself pulled onward toward Rand. He needs her, and his Ta'veren nature pulls on her thread in the pattern. She watches Birgitte burn the last Seanchan ship in the harbor, and stumbles across Rand's dying form, laying in the street. We believe Rand the farm boy dies this day, and Rand the Dragon is born. He receives the second heron brand, and the first wound in his side. Min lays next to him to offer him her warmth, which Rand will badly need throughout the series. Rand's sword was destroyed while stabbing Ishamael, we'll explain why. The next time Rand stabs him it's with a different kind of sword, Callandor, and they both die, in a way. Egwene walks into the room and there's an awkward exchange between her and Min. Min intends to take Rand if Egwene doesn't want him, and she tells her so. After Egwene leaves another woman who claims Rand enters the room. Lanfear. She heals Rand while tracing the dragons fang on his forehead, and tells Min to take care of him until she returns.

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