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Apr 13, 2018

Rand wakes, after being unconscious for five days following his fight with Ishamael, and receiving the  Shadow tainted wound in his side. At that moment we know all the false Dragons are struck down by the Pattern itself. There is only room for one. Three of the seals on the Dark One's prison are now broken. Mat, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Verin are traveling toward the White Tower, while the Shienarans, Moiraine and Lan, Perrin, and Rand head east toward their winter camp. Near the new Dragonsworn, but not with them. Moiraine denies having sent Verin to Rand earlier. This is how we find out Verin lied, and is not bound by the Three Oaths as Aes Sedai who walk in the light are bound. We find another discrepancy between Patrick's very old copy of TGH and Seth's much newer digital copy. Lan does not need to sharpen his sword, although he is said to be doing so in many early versions. The Shienaran soldiers swear themselves to Rand. Duty is heavier than a mountain, Death lighter than a feather, and Rand makes a decision.

Thanks to all our listeners for sending us to JordanCon.  We'll be making an episode while there, made up of interviews and reflections from the Con.  If you'd like to buy us a cup of coffee for our red eye flight to Atlanta you can do so here.